The main European soft-landing network to support the internationalization of high-tech start-ups.

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EuroIncNet is an open network established in 2015 by Europe's top business incubators & accelerators , ranked by the international association UBI Global.

The purpose of EuroIncNet's program is to facilitate a quick introduction of technologically innovative start-ups in other European markets, by bringing together a network of trusted parties in Europe & UK with focus on go-to market access and strategy.

The main activities and advantages offered by EuroIncNet are:

  • Networking & matchmaking
  • Direct access to local experienced mentors
  • Assistance in the discovery of foreign country markets
  • Business expansion in new European countries
  • Access to a network of international industrial partners
  • Support in finding and contacting international investors

The international partners

The collaboration with EuroIncNet aims to increase the incubated companies opportunities to establish themselves on the European market. The business incubators that are part of the network today are:

Montpellier BIC
Uppsala Innovation Centre
Arctic Business

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Our approach to internationalization

partner incubators and accelerators

Monitoring the trends of selected innovative start-ups, launching collaborations or joint ventures

start-ups & scale-ups

Quick introduction in other European markets, reliable support from top incubators and accelerators

international investors

Direct access to a wide start-up portfolio, selected and constantly updated by the best European incubators

The three stages of collaboration for the incubated start-ups


Presenting the project

The first step involves presenting yourself and your company to the partner incubator of the country in which you wish to establish your business. Each start-up has to submit a brief description of its business model and current market setup, including how the service or product is produced, marketed, sold, distributed, after-market serviced and payed for.


The preliminary study

If the model is transferable to the desired new market, your application for EuroIncNet's services goes ahead and the country's partner incubator does a preliminary study to closely examine whether a launch in the country is concretely possible, analyzing the conditions for the start-up to make a successful international establishment .


The launch plan

In case of a positive outcome of the feasibility study, the experts from EuroIncNet will form a draft for a launch strategy together with the start-up. This step may include the joint organization of additional activities and events for supporting business development in the local market, possibly involving other start-ups from the network.

This program comes with a cost, please contact the incubator or accelerator your start-up is affiliated with to provide you with more information.

Latest events

EuroIncNet offers opportunities of value creation for each kind of events.

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